‘Chick Flick are exactly what’s been missing from all-girl rock outfits doing the rounds the last few years, Bring it on!’  

No popcorn, no tears or cliché romantic connotations needed for all female rock act, Chick Flick. 

With many years of live shows under their studded belts, there isn’t much Chick Flick haven’t achieved as a rock act.  Playing in many venues across Queensland, interstate and internationally honing their craft as a cover shows in too many venues to mention and performing in local festivals and corporate shows. 

As an originals band Chick Flick’s first EP ‘Sneak Preview’ endorsed a profile through 4zzz’s Top 20 Album playlist nomination, radio airlplay on Triple J, video clip “Nasty Girl’ enduring airplay on television program ‘Rage’ & Channel V, chosen for independent movie 'Crooked Business by Australian novelist and filmaker, Chris Nyst and inclusion onto RACQ’s ‘Free to Go’ secondary school DVD campaign featuring Chick Flick track ‘Scream’.

As a rock covers band Chick Flick also perform a tribute show - Her Way to Hell, Australia’s only all female AC/DC tribute.

Chick Flick were handpicked to perform at Beerfest in Singapore performing to a crowd of over 20,000. Chick Flick will perform a mixed bag of the most influential rock anthems. Think of the 
unforgettable classic rock tunes of Guns & Roses, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, and for the ladies, female artists like Pink.  This is ultimate chick rock show sure to make your hips swing, feet stomp and air guitars wail!

From the word go these four high calibre female musicians impress with their big sound, fun crowd interactions and all the stage antics you would expect to see from the ultimate rock bands Chick Flick perform for you.

Are you ready to rock?

Chick Flick are: Cassandra Napier (Vox), Maree Taylor (Lead Guitar), Sue Kennet (Drums), Kirsti Down (Bass).