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Tsunami - EP Review

"Rock baby, rock! Four chicks with an eighties get-up and big hair paint the forefront of Chick Flick’s glam rock band.   Their music could be described as hungry Anna Nicole Smith – a whole lot of woman with a mouth full of meat. Flaming electric guitar, meaty bass, action drums and sassy, catchy tunes.  Recorded, mixed and produced by Jeff Lovejoy in Brissy, the EP includes a bonus CD-Rom featuring film clip, song lyrics and screen savers.   Tracks ‘Nasty Girl’ and ‘Scream’ are hot - hot pink that is."

- Courtney Osbourne

Timeoff Magazine Wednesday 11 August Edition - Press Release

When Brisbane glam-rock outfit Chick Flick launched debut EP Sneak Preview in March, they boldly revealed a style never before seen on local stages.

"Some punters in the past have described our style as a mixture between The Darnkess and Skid Row [and] we were very impressed with this, "guitarist Maree Taylor enthuses. 

With tight synthetic outfits and bigger hair than Poison, the four sassy women fire up massive rock riffs onstage. But as they assert on EP track 'Nasty Girl', It's not just mid-set when rock rules their world.

"Quoting the wise words of Jack Black, 'You're not hardcore unless you live hardcore'. We've all been born and bred in rock 'n' roll and it's what we really enjoy doing. We're just out for a good time, though it's best that mothers lock up their sons if you see us heading your way!

"Actually, come to think of it, we never rest - nasty on stage, nasty drinkers and nasty in bed! Is this what you wanted to hear?"

Where did all this nastiness come from?

"Kylie [Lovejoy], our bass player, grew up practising her nastiness as a true rock chick dressing up with her brother Jeff in Kiss attire, stealing their mum's big boots, getting painted up and raiding aluminium foil to put on a show. She has pictures to prove it!

"We enjoy all aspects of rock; of course the music but also the lifestyle that comes with it.

"In what other profession can you dress in plastic, be idolised by screaming fans and have the opportunity to get smashed in all corners of the country? We wouldn't trade it in for the world."

Timeoff Magazine –  Edition #1164 - EP Review

Chick Flick are exactly what’s been missing from the all-girl rock outfits doing the rounds the last few years. The four-piece unashamedly break out cheesy 80s guitar riffs and spew forth wide-mouthed rock bellows with ‘Nasty Girl’ and the awesome ‘You Thrill Me’ before vocalist Cassandra Napier oozes sex on ‘Whole Lotta Woman’. and all with teased hair, fishnets and lycra. Bring it on!

Live Review – Tsunami - The Zoo

Chick Flick made their audience feel like they were at an LA Rock show, in some place like Johnny Depps’s Viper Room.   The girls appeared on stage after a preview of their video for ‘Nasty Girl, which was very rocking indeed.   Chick Flick came across as The Darkness meets Skid Row.   The band later covered ‘Kick Start my Heart’, which was a real winner! Vocalist Cassandra Napier and bassist Kylie Lovejoy hit home tonight.   The darling peroxide twins even pashed Britney/Madonna style and had most of the males in the audience re-adjusting themselves through the pockets of their jeans.   The crowd lapped it up. ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ closed a top night of all girl rock gymnastics.

Timeoff Magazine – Wed 3 March Edition #1162 – Press Release

Bright pink prom material, big hair, PVC outfits and songs about ‘Elastic Pants’; it would be easy to jump to conclusions about local four –piece Chick Flick.

“We aren’t a comedy act!” vocalist Cassandra Napier says.   “We’re inspired by 80s glam and sometimes [that] goes hand-in-hand with big hair and makeup!   It thing our audience picks up on that and don’t really refer to us as artists playing on humour like Weird Al and Spinal Tap”.

Bassist Kylie Lovejoy agrees. “ My motto is ‘Have a good time all the time’… It’s all about entertainment really”.

The group will launch their Sneak Preview EP this weekend.   But while the girls love having fun, there’s one particularly serious moment on the record.

“I think it’s fair to say ‘Scream’ displays a little more emotional depth,” Napier admits. “it’s another side of Chick Flick our audience doesn’t see as often but is definitely present and will probably evolve [in the] future.   It’s basically about the increasing build-up of life frustrations everyone seems to experience in both their personal and professional lives. You just have to yell and scream sometimes to let it all out.”

Lovejoy says the band’s all-girl status is definitely part of their appeal, but not because they may be easy on the eye.   Rather, she says it’s their musical prowess.

“[If I wasn’t in the band] I think I would like the fact that a chick is playing this shredding guitar solo or this complex solo you probably normally assume would be a guy.

Make sure you get along to the EP launch as Napier says the band are planning something special.   “We won’t give too much away; you’ll all have to come to our launch at The Zoo to get the complete picture!”

Rave Magazine 2-8 March Edition #629 - Press Release Whole lotta Ladies

“We want punters to expect a show filled with sexual energy, big hair, glitter, as well as good tunes!”

CHICK FLICK’s KYLIE, CASSIE, MAREE and LEAH tell KATE SCOTT in a pre-launch talk orgy.

Local Lasses Maree and Cassie were toying with the idea of forming an LA glam outfit – something saucy to buck the clichés of all-femme bands while gloriously exploiting them at the same time – when Kylie Lovejoy saw their ad, called their 666 Phone number, and sauntered into their lives in typically devilish fashion. Recruiting Leah on sticks, the foursome wasted no time, playing a string of frisky sets and leaving a trail of broken heels and broken hearts behind them. A few short months later they poised to release their debut EP ‘Sneak Preview, but a full understanding of their myriad charms and powers simply won’t fit here – for that you’ll have to catch them live. For a short, sneaky glimpse of the girls’ extra-curricular pursuit, read on…

So, if you all had the opportunity to star in arse-kicking Chick Flicks for a day, who’s eight-inch stilettos would you fill?

Kylie: “ If I was to be an arse kicking chick for a day, I would choose the girl in the movie Labyrinth. She was arse-kicking not so much in a physical way, but more in a clever way. Also anything to be that close to David Bowie!”

Cassie: “ I would have to go with Jennifer Gray (without the permed hear) out of Dirty Dancing, for some reason I have always loved that movie, probably ‘cause she starts out as a little naïve girl who evolves into a kick arse dancer chick who gets the boy!”

Leah: “Probably Cameron Diaz in Charlies Angels for the obvious reason of kicking some serious butt”. [Leah has a black belt in Karate].

Maree: “Geena Davis in Thelma and Louise – I like the idea of vicariously hitting the road and running from the law for a bit of fun.”

What are the five most important records in Chick Flick’s collection?

Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet, Queens of the Stone Age’s self titled debut, Guns and Roses’ Appetite for Destruction, Baby Animals’ self-titled, The Datsuns’ self titled.

What can the uninitiated punter expect from your live shows? Costume changes? Spikey harmonies, Pillow fights? Tell all!

"Some big fat sounds and some raunchy rock ‘n’ roll moves filled with sexual energy; ready to rock your world or turn your world upside down, your choice! At the launch we’re going absolutely berserk with lots of glitter, makeup, hairspray and loud clothing, so please leave your matches and lighters at home!"

Naughty vixens such as yourselves must have had a few prickly experiences in what’s still a very boy-centric domain. Anything you’d care to share?

The most memorable would be our phantom speaker humper. Just when you thought your gear was safe, along comes a punter positioning himself on one of our subwoofer speakers humping to his little hearts content, obviously attracted by the vibrations and its nice black vinyl casing. Kylie really made his night when she yelled out to him” Better enjoy that mate cause that’s all the sex you’re gonna get tonight!

What’s Chick Flick’s favourite colour?

“The most common is probably pink or red. Kylie seems to like Hot Rainbow" (...What the?)

Time Off Magazine – Edition - #1383 - Have you heard…

What do you think is your band’s greatest strength?

Maree Taylor (guitar): “I think individually we are rock chicks who really dig our chosen instruments,and have talent that compliments each band member. We also have a mutual drive to bring our music and live show to the forefront, and I think this vibe really rubs off on our fans.”

What movie do you think your music would best accompany and why?

“A cross between Kill Bill and Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Why? Well, we’ll hit your body with
the rock energy of a Samurai sword whilst simultaneously tantalising you with our girliness!!!!

What are your plans for the immediate future and the rest of the year?

“We plan to continue to rock out locally in Brissie and we’re heading to Sydney next month for the first time for gigs there. We’ll be back again later in the year with our latest EP Ladder 69. Some new tunes are also in the pipeline to add to our live show.”

What is your favourite song lyric and why?

“Bon Jovi’s “I want to lay you down on a bed of roses” – who wouldn’t like to be laid by Jon
Bon Jovi when he wrote this song? Or the greatrock’n’roll line from Ozzy Osbourne – “Leave me alone, don’t want your promises no more/ ‘Cos rock’n’roll is my religion and my law”.

Favourite hangover cure?

“Bloody Marys and greasy food with lots of salt, or if that isn’t available and you’re out of Berocca then dull the pain with another drink!”

Rave Magazine – Edition - #849 - 5 MINUTES WITH….

...the rockin' ladies of CHICK FLICK Maree, Mandy, Cassandra and Sue.

Have you found it difficult, being women in rock? (Or is that an antiquated stereotype?)

No, completely the opposite, the satisfaction of coming off stage and having your male counterparts come up to you and say "Wow, I haven't seen a rock band like that since the Stones, let alone it be a group of women," so the answer to your question is it's really rewarding because people don't usually expect a female band to really rock it out hard.

What do you say to those that have an aversion to women being called 'chicks'? Actually where does the band name come from?

We were playing on the idea of the chick band thing with a little tongue in cheek, so we thought we could turn the connotations of the term Chick Flick on its arse. I think so far that point has gotten across quite well; lots of punters and industry folk have commented dig the name of the band also.

You play alot around Brisbane - and you're venturing further down south on this tour. Any butterflies?

Yeah it is really exciting to finally be making our way to Sydney in August and finally meeting our NSW fans we have accumulated along the way. We are also are heading back there later in the year for another mini tour and then Melbourne.

Silly question, but do girl bands get groupies?

Yeah, some that are welcoming others that are a little on the fine line of stalkery (if that's a word?) Most are vey genuine and really dig what we do which is very flattering, however on occasions we do get groupies that are a little over the top. We still do encourage all walks of life to come along and get involved in our music, so don't be scared to come and say hi to the chick flick girls!

What can we expect from your Globe show on Thursday 24 July?

In you face chick rock n roll and antics to match that will stick with you well after the week is out.

Timeoff Magazine - #1361 - Six Pack

Brisbane All-Girl rock band Chick Flick have the vocal capacity and ability of Alecia Moore (aka Pink), through frontwoman Cassandra Napier, and a true rock-edginess which is added through the combine efforts of guitarist Maree Taylor and drummer Susan Kennet.

"We aim for a more traditional rock sound type of stuff that punters can swagger and stomp to", singer Cassandra Napier explains. "Obviously being an all female band, we differ a little, but I think it's the effort we go to putting on a visually entertaining live show. We just prefer bands that really work on keeping the audience on their feet like The Datsuns, The Darkness and ACDC.

"At our shows, we want punters to feel they have mad the right decision of parting with their hard earned dollars to come and see us play. It's about the music but also about visually creating athe rock 'n' roll essence that punters can get a good vibe off".

The dark-haired trio have recently recorded a new EP which they say draws on more of a rhythmic rock sound then their first release which perhaps emanated from the band's new infatuation with fire.

"We actually found this cool re-occuring them throughout the EP with such tracks as 'Devil Child' and 'Fever' so we've run with that idea throughout our launch shows. The five new tracks are definitely in the red-hot-radar zone of no-nonsense, four-to-the-floor energy fueled rock designed to stick in the heads of rock and roll punters alike"

The band says they hope to gain some new fans through live performances, both in Australia and internationally.

"We're looking at doing some great launch shows to promote the EP and play both Queensland and interstate venues throughout 2008. We'll also keep putting some new tunes together, continue to play some great entertaining shows, and grab for opportunities as they come our way either here or overseas. The sky is the limit."

Mess and Noise - EP ‘Ladder 69’ review -

Can such a crusty old genre as metal throw up any surprises these days? Who cares? And if this Brisbane trio know the answer, they certainly aren’t giving anything away here. Three young women, dressed in gothy lingerie, who choose to rock out behind some solid old school wall of riff guitar action, Chick Flick are clearly not out to re-draw any musical landscapes. But again, who cares? This is five tracks of single entendre-laden good-time stuff, a fistful of hard edged yet kinda romantic tunes, that are all about boys. Yep, every one. And it’s stuffed with fire metaphors too.

From the title track onwards, Cassandra Napier (that’s her holding the, uh, fire hose on the inner sleeve shot) howls lustily about burning hearts, hot skin, and the fire of a devil child. But it’s all positive, despite a passing reference to listening to music played backwards - there are many worse things for your teenage niece to be listening to.

It’s hard to tell how solid their prospects are - it seems they had to draft in a stand-in for bass duties on this - but there’s a fortune waiting to be made by the promoter who hooks them up with WA’s Surefight Midnights and Victoria’s Killerbirds for a triple-headed national tour of boys high schools. Oh yes.

by Trevor Block


These rockers are more then just flickering flames

Strong vocals, punchy choruses and mega beats. It's all on the new EP from Brisbane rock bank Chick Flick. The trio are planning a "heart -stopping" show at their EP Launch tomorrow night.

"Guitar driven, chunky rockin' riffs, wailing vocal lines, catchy choruses rolled into solid, driving rock beats," says lead singer Cassandra Napier of the band's five new tracks.
"After all the songs were complete we tripped upon a recurring fire them throughout the lyrics, so we've run with that across the look and feel of the EP. The title 'Ladder 69, followed suit, "Napier said.

The independent ban is holding tomorrow's EP launch at the Globe Theatre.

Rave Magazine - #628 - EP Review

"Brisbane all-girl four-piece rock the house.   Chick Flick are determined to party like it’s 1989.   They don’t even try for innovation here – they’re merely content to prove that girls can play rock just as well as guys.   Big riffs and bigger hair are the order of the day – opening track ‘Nasty Girl’ sounds like Pat Benetar at her feistiest. Maree Taylor’s guitar playing is full of bluster and she can solo like the dickens, while Cassandra Napier’s gritty holler is like a pink neon sign that says Don’t Fuck With Me. Amps are up to eleven throughout – the moody Scream is about as close as these girls get to a ballad – and the whole affair is presented with a knowing wink, as the hilarious ode to practical rock clothing (Elastic pants) proves."

Rave Magazine - Interview

With bright pink prom outfits, teased hair, PVC attire and songs about elasticised pants (enough to rival Kisschasy’s Spray On Pants); you could be forgiven for jumping to conclusions about Brisbane sometime four-piece CHICK FLICK. BROOKE MCMASTER gets the screenplay from lead singer CASSANDRA NAPIER in time for their upcoming EP launch.

Chick Flick is Queensland’s very own all-girl rock & roll group. Having five performing years under their studded belts, the girls received a spike in interested admirers thanks to the release of their first EP, Sneak Preview, which made its way onto 4ZzZ’s Top 20 playlist and gained attention on Triple J; not to mention airplay on Rage and Channel V, Mel’s Morning Show and the track Scream featuring on RACQ’s Free 2 Go secondary school DVD campaign.

For those unfamiliar with Chick Flick, let’s find out a little bit more. The basis of the name for example…

“We were looking for something in the name that encapsulates us immediately as being a chick rock band with something sharp and catchy,” explains frontwoman Napier. “I think the idea came from our previous drummer’s sister and we all agreed it was the one to go with. However, we’ve learned to be very careful with the placing of the letters L and I in the word flick’ as it emulates another familiar four letter word…”

The band has been struggling a little recently due to the lack of a permanent bass player. However, lead singer Cassandra Napier, Maree Taylor (Guitar) and Susan Kennet (drums), have survived and are now ready to reveal a new bass player at their upcoming EP launch (and also a new, edgier sound). So what were the girls looking for in their new band member?

“I guess we were searching for a happy medium between overall musicianship, attitude and look making it very hard to decide, but thanks to this very magazine for finding our new bass player through the classified section!”

The band has been best described as a female version of AC/DC mixed in with a hint of The Datsuns, and they are known to be brasher than The Donnas and The Runaways combined. So just who are the Chicks’ main influences?

“The Casanovas, The Datsuns, Gunners the original line-up, AC/DC with the attitude of Joan Jett we could go on and on!” (Sounds about right then.)

This should also give a good idea as to what to expect to be blaring from band’s amps…

“It’s guitar-driven, chunky rockin’ riffs, wailing vocal lines with catchy choruses to match, with solid, confident driving rock beats blending the rock essence of our musical influences,” says Napier, succinctly. 

The girls have just finished recording a follow-up EP entitled Ladder 69. Introducing a fresh sound, tracked by Stuart Niven at Modern Music Studio and mixed by engineer par excellence Jeff Lovejoy at Black Box Studios in Brisbane, the EP will showcase five of their best songs. However, the task of completing the EP was not without its fair share of hiccups…

“We had a car write-off, broken g strings (guitar stings), an endless count of broken drumsticks, countless debates and lots of alcoholic beverages – all with the end product being a great EP we are all very proud of!”

Seeing as we’re discussing Chick Flick, it seems an appropriate conclusion to ask which films in the like-named genre do anything for Napier. She happily lists off some classics…

“When Harry Met Sally… Dirty Dancing… Thelma & Lousie and Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion…”  

So If you’re a sucker for any of these, I suggest you make your way to the band’s next show to see all the drama, comedy and romance you could hope for up close and personal.